Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Subaru Impreza WRX Build! Bugeye resurrection

I bought a black 02 wrx  with 119k miles on it 3 weeks ago for 3000$ with a "locked up tranny" as the guy put it.

For some reason the AAA tow guy would not put it in my driveway! (ive had a wrecked 300zx parts car towed into my driveway!)Instead he put it on the side of the road in front of my house. this was a problem because I couldnt roll the car and had to work on it there. I took the front axles and the driveshaft off on the side of the road on a slanted hill which isnt safe and rolled it into my garage.

I put a transmission wanted post on craigslist and a guy texted me saying he had an 03 with damage on the case but
swore the internals were fine. I thought it might work so I bought it for 200$. he even offered to help pull the trans out of the car which was nice cause I didnt have a trans jack and he did.damage not shown but its by where the starter goes on the inside.

we got the trans out and then I started taking all the bolts out of both transmissions.
I opened the trans I bought and found the pinion on the output shaft had two chipped off splines but the gears looked fine. I opened the trans out of the wrx I bought and hoped it had a good pinion and it did... I also saw that the only thing wrong was one synchro on the 4th gear but I cant
rebuild transmissions so thats okay because I would have had to pay a lot.

So the trans out of my wrx has a good pinion/output shaft,good trans case, bad shift forks and a broken synchro.
the trans I bought has a bad pinion, bad transmission case, good shift forks and gears/synchros.

as of now I am in the middle of swapping everything over.
I have taken the good gears off the shaft with the bad pinion.
Holding it in place and unlocking the bolt was difficult and took forever so I only got one shaft out and im going to bed now... lol

I have all I need to do it the cheapest way possible.. not replacing the shims,synchros,setting bearing load and all that cause im cheap but I think its going to work. I can check backlash!!! haha at least one thing.

I will have videos up and pictures if anyone is interested. Ive always wanted to do a build thread and I finally got my dream car at 19. even though it is an 02 I still like the bugeyes alot.

first car was a 90 300zx at 17 which I miss and liked alot,second was a 90 celica... hated it. 3rd was a 95 325i... it was okay but a pain.

if youve read this far... you will hear the aftermarket stuff he had on it! good and bad.

sti injectors
sti intake manifold
aftermarket fuel rails/lines... they look cheap but ok
fmic with custom pipes that are sub par
turbo xs bov
tein springs
kyb agx struts
exhaust from turbo back... 3 inch i guess. has a bung thats plugged for wideband.
the intercooler piping and some other stuff is taken out and moved around.

he gave me (not on car)
a 6 puck clutch.. not sure of brand
brake pads
stock bumper and grill in kinda bad shape. going to try my hardest to put them back on.
crappy cf hood with big scoop and vents....:/ the vent things fill with rain water and the scoop doesnt cool anything because theres a front mount.
anyone ever see a wrx bugeye with a scoopless hood? maybe from an 2.5rs on a wrx post pics if you have.

But there is my first installment! thanks if you read any of it or looked at pics. Ill post some vids of my amateur work sometime.

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